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Polo Bro

We show young studs how to increase their income and learn very important skills from sells, too technology to help them in future business endeavors. The goal is to have our bro's feeling like they're a part of a brotherhood. SolarDot is a place of thinkers, builders and relentless doers. We work on tough problems that everyone encounters in their homes, and we thrive on challenges. Every last one of us is passionate about what we’re doing to help the environment.

Become a Polo Bro

We love the  environment.

We make thoughtful solar homes. And everything we offer is something we want for ourselves. If you want to help the environment, and help people save money while improving the quality of people’s lives, you’ll love it here, too.


Work with the best.

We offer great things because we have great people. With a pretty astounding mix of talents, backgrounds and points of view.


Get ready to solve.

Building from scratch. Jumping over hurdles. Solving the unsolvable. These are the things that brighten our day.


We’re ready. For anything.

There’s so much more to do. More learning. More inventing. More growing. We’ve only just begun to change the way people think about their homes.

You belong here.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you believe. If you’re ready to make homes that care for the people inside them, and the world around them, this is where you belong.

Give back
with a purpose.

We started Nest Gives so our community works would have greater impact. We’re concentrating on homelessness, education and the environment. And encourage everyone to volunteer.

Be a part of
something bigger.

For Nest employees, and led by them, employee resource groups like Pride@Nest and Women@Nest are a great way to feel included and involved.

Give back
with a purpose.

We started SolarDot Gives so our community works would have greater impact. We’re concentrating on environment, education and the women empowerment. And encourage everyone to volunteer.

Be a part of
something bigger.

For SolarDot employees, and led by them, employee resource groups like Pride@SolarDot and Women@SolarDot are a great way to feel included and involved.

Making your work, and life, happier.

We’re committed to giving our girls everything they need to be comfortable, engaged, enriched and successful. We take pride in our excellent employee resources and benefits.

Family leave

We’re all about building better homes. And the heart of every home is family. We offer 18 weeks of maternity leave for new mothers, and 12 weeks of paid parental leave for non-birth parents around the world.


We offer flexible work schedules and Wi-Fi equipped shuttles to our Alphabet offices worldwide. To keep you well fed while you’re in the office, we have micro kitchens with great food.


We pair people of different experience levels, backgrounds and departments, to the enrichment of both the mentor and the mentee.


We host Lunch and Learns, open forums and a speaker series to help people get a clear view of what’s going on at SolarDot, get honest feedback and develop professionally.


We love being together, sharing food, meeting families and having fun. So we host a lot of events, including Earth Day, Take Your Child To Work Day, summer picnics and our famous Wednesday BBQ.


We believe in taking care of the body as well as the mind, so we provide our employees with a great gym, a healthy cafeteria and even on-site massages.

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From our CEO.

“I'm a Polo Bro", I started on the doors in my solar career changing how companies looked at selling solar power at higher volumes. I become the best selling solar consultant as an individual at high volumes producing as much as a 20 man team on the doors. Companies paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars to train their people and help drive revenue and improve per rep averages. Now, we have condensed all my training into videos and built the online solar university for everything solar. I'm very passionate about what I've learned over the years and would love to show you in order to replicate my success with you, I will guarantee you I'll put my polo on for any employee and hit the doors. Let me show you how to increase your income, increase your credit, and mentor you on starting your own business one day. ”

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